Being Accountable to Yourself

Happy New Year, Yoli Nation! Now is the time to reinvent yourself in this new decade. But, how will you do it? It can be so easy to give up and call it quits. But it’s important to be responsible and help yourself achieve greatness. Today we are talking about accountability to yourself and why it’s important. 


As hard as it may be, people come and go. You are your only constant support system! Because of this, it’s important to be your biggest supporter and cheerleader. Now is the time to get rid of the negative self-talk and work on building yourself up. Repeat positive affirmations to yourself! Here are some examples: 

“I deserve happiness.” 

“I can accomplish this goal.” 

“I am a beautiful human being.” 

Create your own list of affirmations and repeat them as often as you need to. It’s important to recognize your self-worth! 


When it comes down to changing your life, no one can do it but you! This means that you owe it to yourself to be better. You are responsible for your quality of life, no one else. That’s why it’s so important to be accountable to yourself!  

Try and get to a place where you feel worthy of self care. Whether that’s by repeating affirmations like mentioned above, or asking other people to help you recognize it. Being cared for by yourself is a basic human right! 


When being accountable to yourself, it’s so important to record and celebrate your accomplishments. Did you hit your workout goal for the week? Treat yourself to a pamper night! Were you able to reset a bad habit, even just a little bit? Buy a new self-help book! Make a list of your goals and what you would like as a reward each time it is accomplished. You can do this in a journal, on your phone, or even in your calendar. When you take the time to celebrate your amazing transformation, it positively reinforces the good behaviors you are trying to set.