Our mission is to create a nurturing world where women help, inspire, enrich each other’s lives and empower one another to reach their full potential in physical, emotional and financial wellness. 

We are a tribe of nurturers. 

We are warriors of
Belonging, Love, and Purpose. 

We are the

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Our Featured Women of Yoli

Wendy Crisman

https://vimeo.com/796462834/79d4826049?share=copy Every year, the Friday before Valentine’s Day, thousands of...

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Our Featured Women Of Yoli

Amy O'Connor Hoback

June 2024

A journey from Anger to Love

Michelle Sandven

April 2024

See something? Say something.

Ailis Policarpio

Jan 2024

It is better to lend than to borrow

Anna French

Dec 2023

We Get Stronger

Rhonda Spatenka

Nov 2023

Grief & Personal Transformation

Carolyn Kasper

Oct 2023

Willing To Love Again

Angi Baumeister

March 2022

Stylist &
servant leader
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Kimi Fender

March 2022

Kimi Fender Welcomes You

As members of Women of Yoli we pledge to do the following:

Recognize Identity: Sharing life experiences based on our identity, who we are, where we come from, what we want to be and where we want to go.  As Women of Yoli we are constantly aware that recognizing one another’s identity provides love and safety and the opportunity for each other to rise and lift each other.

Support Each Other: By supporting women to grow and share, we are creating relationships that will help foster our own growth.  When women support women, incredible things happen.

 Inspire All: When we feel empowered, supported, and loved, we are able to help other women feel empowered, supported, and loved.  Empowered women inspire others to be strong, kind, respectful, compassionate, ambitious, and daring. 

Join the movement!