The Women of Yoli is a community of entrepreneurial women, with a mission to support and inspire one another.

The Women of Yoli run an online community on Facebook, with daily conversation and inspiration. Every month, we feature a woman from our community: we debut a mini-documentary about her, and host a zoom call Q&A session where we get to learn more about, and from her. 



  • March 15: Live Q&A @ 6pm MT . Special guest Emily Carlson.

Founder Kimi Fender along with other special guests will recognize and celebrate brilliant women who are empowered to run the world and who thrive doing it and lifting others to do the same.

Our Featured Women Of Yoli

Jenny Mangahas

January 2023

See Jenny's Feature

Sela Vaenuku

December 2022

See Sela's Feature

Faith Quesada

November 2022

See Faith's feature

Angie Bunyi

August 2022

See Angie's feature

Rose Goodding Robinson

July 2022

See Rose's feature

Jen Furness

June 2022

Kathie Bartlett

May 2022

See Kathie's feature

Lynda Dukes Franey

April 2022

Angi Baumeister

March 2022

See Angi's feature

Kimi Fender

March 2022

As members of Women of Yoli we pledge to do the following:

Recognize Identity: Sharing life experiences based on our identity, who we are, where we come from, what we want to be and where we want to go.  As Women of Yoli we are constantly aware that recognizing one another’s identity provides love and safety and the opportunity for each other to rise and lift each other.

Support Each Other: By supporting women to grow and share, we are creating relationships that will help foster our own growth.  When women support women, incredible things happen.

 Inspire All: When we feel empowered, supported, and loved, we are able to help other women feel empowered, supported, and loved.  Empowered women inspire others to be strong, kind, respectful, compassionate, ambitious, and daring. 

Join the movement!