Fitting the BBS Into Your Life

Yoli’s 28 day Transformation Kit, also known as the Better Body System, is an awesome and easy way to jumpstart your journey to a healthier lifestyle. You get the tools and products you need to start losing weight, correcting your diet, and balancing your body’s pH. While the BBS is simple to understand, following it and incorporating it into your life can be a challenge. Today we’ll be sharing some tricks on how to fit the BBS into your life! 


One of the best ways to make your transformation easier is by making sure to plan your meals in advance. Pick one day a week and sit down to decide what you’ll be eating. Remember, there are Meal Days and Protein Days, so you’ll want to plan your food accordingly.  

Once you have it all laid out, pick a time to meal prep! It could be Sunday night before the week begins, or in the middle of the week, when your food week starts over. It doesn’t matter when you do it! As long as you have your snacks and meals prepared and ready to go, it will be easier to follow the new system. You can also make sure to have plenty of free foods (such as spinach) on hand, in case of a hunger emergency. 


When starting new eating habits, it may be tempting to eat the same thing over. This is especially true if we haven’t branched out and tried new healthy foods, or if we have a favorite easy recipe! But, it’s easy to get bored quickly. And when we get bored, that’s when cravings tend to kick in. So, make sure you have a lot of variety in your diet! Try a new flavor of Passion or YES, or a new meal prep recipe! You might find a favorite that you weren’t expecting. 


Completely changing your lifestyle is hard. There are going to be times where you mess up, or even completely fall off the path! In these moments, it’s important to have compassion for yourself. Acknowledge the mistake, forgive yourself, then try to get back on track. Being upset with yourself or giving up entirely will do more harm than good in the long run. Practice self-love and ease up on the personal expectations you’ve set.