How the Transformation Kit Works 

The 28-day Transformation Kit is a unique, life-changing system that is designed specifically to help you jump-start your new, healthy lifestyle! Today we’ll be talking about the Better Body System and how it works. 



The first step to success when it comes to losing weight is changing your diet. The meal plan designed for the Better Body System is an easy-to-understand menu that switches off between Protein Days and Meal Days. You will be able to enjoy a mix of different healthy proteins, carbs, and fruits and vegetables! By switching between Protein and Meal Days, you allow your body to better process the more complex foods, such as carbs and sugars, while still remaining full. 


We even include a Free Meal Day twice in the 28 days, so you are still able to enjoy your favorite foods! Healthy eating shouldn’t be a punishment. Allowing yourself to enjoy the food you love every once in a while makes the transition to a healthier lifestyle much easier. 


Because the Better Body System provides a meal plan along with our amazing products, it becomes much easier to successfully lose weight and change your lifestyle to keep the weight off. The average weight loss for first-time kit users is 16 pounds during those 28 days! You’ll even find more aspects of your life changing while on the Transformation Kit, including your emotional health! 



While exercise is not required to lose weight while on the Transformation Kit, we highly suggest getting active for at least 30 minutes a day. The great news is that with your new diet and products helping you to feel amazing, you will have more energy than ever to do the activities that you love! You can walk, bike, swim, or even dance! As long as you are moving, any activity will help you get closer to your goal weight. 



Because Yoli is designed with a built in support system, you will always have someone cheering you on! Not only will you be supported by your sponsor and team, but the rest of the Yoli family is available to you through events and social media. We encourage you to share not just your wins, but your struggles as well. Chances are that you will find someone going through the same thing you are! 



When you purchase the Transformation Kit, you get an assortment of products that will help supplement your new lifestyle. From a delicious protein shake, to an all-natural energy drink, we have provided all of the things you will need in your journey to a healthier life! To see more of the products included in the Transformation Kit, click here.  


You can get started on your transformation by placing your order here. For more information about Yoli products and how they can transform your life, subscribe to the blog and check out our Facebook page!