The Benefits of Pushing Yourself

Most of us have dreams of doing great things, but we don’t always push ourselves to make them a reality. At Yoli, we believe that progress is the result of venturing outside of your comfort zone. Here is how pushing yourself will help you tackle challenges and reach new heights! 


No matter what your goals are, pushing yourself is an essential part of reaching them. That’s because when you challenge yourself, you develop the skills that you already have and pick up new ones along the way. For example, let’s say you’ve never learned how to cook. If you never step foot into the kitchen, you won’t spontaneously learn how to scramble an egg or roast a sweet potato to perfection. But if you push yourself to try cooking even the simplest of meals, you’ll start developing cooking skills for the first time! 

Of course, the skills that you learn from pushing yourself may not be the ones that you expect. For example, if you’re pushing yourself to lose weight using the Transformation Kit, you may expect to develop your healthy eating skills. But it’s likely that you’ll also learn to do meal prep, eat well when you’re on the go, and prioritize other healthy habits. Push yourself and stay open to developing the skills that will help you reach your goals! 


At first, pushing yourself may seem scary or intimidating. It may make you feel vulnerable. You may worry that you’ll come up short. But when you push yourself, you learn just how much you can accomplish, and that builds confidence. It may surprise you how much you’re capable of when you step outside of your comfort zone! 

Keep in mind that part of building confidence is sticking with it through the learning curve. If you try something new and you come up short, don’t think of it as a failure and give up forever. Maybe you just need to keep trying until you get the hang of it, or maybe you need to come at it from a different angle. Working hard and being persistent until you reach your goals will help you build confidence to push yourself the next time! 

Pushing yourself is the key to progress, so we encourage you to reach outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself.