Riders for Riders
Motorcycle Ride & Charity Event

A group of motorcycle enthusiasts who are involved with Yoli, on various levels, gathered to ride the Black Hills of South Dakota.  The only thing that can make riding the Black Hills any better, is to do it for a good cause: 

This group of riders decided to benefit another group of riders: 

Rodeo is an extreme sport that is dangerous and underfunded. Cowboys often get injured, leaving them with onerous medical bills and unable to work or compete to pay those bills off.  The Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund helps cover the medical bills of these injured riders, giving them peace of mind and aiding their recovery. 

Its important to note that this was not a Yoli Corporate event – this was put together by a group of Independent Yoli Distributors. Their accomplishments were impressive.  Yoli member Don Molander planned 3 days of riding to some of the most iconic motorcycling destinations in America – including Crazy Horse, Iron Mountain Road, Badlands National Park, and Needles Highway.  

They held a charity auction and dinner. Prizes ranged from beautiful handmade items from Yoli members, to items from local Harley Davidson dealerships.  The dinner for 75 people was sold out, and over $3400 was raised for the charity. 

The Riders for Riders event was a perfect example of people living out Yoli’s mission: to transform lives physically, emotionally, and financially. 

We are planning the 2023 event – If you are at all interested in participating in any way, take 1 minute to tell us who you are, where you live, and join our mailing list: