Staying healthy during the holidays

While the holidays are an important time, it’s often when people find themselves falling off of their healthy lifestyle. Instead of scrambling to get back on track during the new year, wouldn’t it be easier to just stay on course? Today we’ll be discussing how to stay healthy during the holidays!


Do you have a tradition that you love doing, but may not be the healthiest? Try to put a spin on it! If your family loves drinking hot cocoa, try to make it using chocolate YES instead of a sugary powder mix. We also have a delicious recipe for Truth Waissal that can help you stay warm! In addition to changing up your drinks, you can also trade more stagnant traditions for ones that will get your blood pumping! Swap out a movie marathon for a snowball fight, or even go to your local ice rink! The options are endless.

While enjoying the festivities, make sure to stay as consistent with your regular schedule as possible. While it’s completely fine to miss a workout here and there, the more you miss, the harder it becomes to stay on track! Do your best to find a good balance between your healthy habits, and the holiday fun.


Do you have a favorite holiday food? Don’t give it up entirely! Instead, try to make a healthier version of it! For example, if you like serving ham for dinner, try to find a recipe that doesn’t use brown sugar. Or instead of opting for a fat-heavy dressing to serve with your vegetable tray, create your own greek yogurt dip! There are plenty of websites and recipes online that have created healthier versions of almost every type of food you can imagine. Do some research, or better yet, get creative and make one of your very own!


Something that’s important to remember during these special times is that you don’t have to give everything up! The holiday season only comes once a year, and an extra piece of candy or a glass of your favorite beverage isn’t going to ruin your health goals. Remember, everything should be done in moderation! By restricting yourself too much, odds are you’ll only be more miserable in the long run. So make sure to enjoy one of your favorite treats! As long as you are being mindful while doing it, there is no harm done.

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