Say Yes


We say yes to helping people live their best life by providing quality products and a simple path to a bright future.


We can help you to be healthy and happy by combining our quality products with a simple path to your goals. Discover how Yoli can help you say yes to a bright future this year.

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Any choice we make from our goals to our dreams comes down to wanting to feel amazing. What do you want to feel?


We live in our body full time. Saying yes to life includes our well-being. How do you want to transform your health?


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Your kit includes powerful products formulated to increase your energy, deliciously nourish your body, boost your mood, and satisfy your cravings combined with a simple path, daily coaching, tips from doctors, an online community, and delicious recipes. And yes, you get to eat REAL FOOD.


With over 20+ products and different flavors to choose from, you can create your own transformation!
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Life starts the moment you say yes.

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  1. Eligibility applies to US, Canada, Mexico and Philippines existing Customer & Preferred Customer orders, Customer enrollment orders, Preferred Customer enrollment orders, and Member enrollment orders.
  2. Promotion excludes existing Members.
  3. Promotion excludes existing Preferred Customer & Member Autoshipments.
  4. Customers may be eligible for both 10% off a single Transformation Kit purchase AND free shipping* (on orders $100 or more) in a single order or on enrollment with an autoship profile.
  5. Customers may be eligible for both 20% off two Transformation Kit purchases AND free shipping* (on orders $100 or more) in a single order or on enrollment with an autoship profile.  
  6. The two different discounts on Transformation Kits cannot be combined. For example, if you buy three Transformation Kits, you will not get 10% off on one and 20% off on the other two. You will only get 20% off on the two Transformation Kits.
  7. Discounts will not be applied multiple times to the same order.

                  *Free shipping applied only to ground shipping methods.