Day 7 - The Pillars of Health

“If you get through the first week, that means you can get through the entire system. Congratulations to you!”

Dr. Aaron Street, Doctor Advisory Board Member


Blue DAY

This is the last day of the week, so you’ve got the system down. Step up your meals and snacks moving forward for the next three weeks. What worked and what didn’t? Take a few minutes to recommit to your goal. Things will get easier as you go along, because now you know what to expect. 

What Should i expect?

If you are highly active, or have a significant amount of weight to lose, add more protein per serving. Here’s a helpful guideline for protein intake: Take your body weight, divide it in half. The resulting number is how many grams of protein you should consume daily.  For instance – If a person weights 200 lbs, they should aim for around 100 grams of protein daily.  For perspective,   a 5 ounce chicken breast has around 35 grams of protein. 

Pro tip

Many people have gone before you and found great success on the Yoli Transformation Kit. Read this blog about some things you can expect as you enter week 2 of the BBS.